Celebrate Small Organizing Steps

Organizing a little bit betterSeveral years ago, my brother and his wife adopted a rescue dog. This dog had a carefree attitude, and did not seem to really notice that he now had a home, instead of living in a shelter. It was as if the dog was saying, “Hey, this is a little bit better!”

Since then, this phrase has become a motto in our household. Regular readers of the Maur Organized Newsletter will know that I strongly believe in small projects. Each time I complete a small project, I proclaim, “Hey, this is a little bit better!”

Now, let’s apply this to organizing. Organizing is a process, not a destination. At any point in time, you might have a range of areas in your home that need work. Perhaps you have too many towels in your linen closet, which means things tumble out when you remove one. Or, maybe it’s time for a spring wardrobe refresh, since your closet is overfull, and you can’t find what you need. Maybe the kitchen junk drawer is driving you nuts. Ask yourself what is your biggest pain point and start with that. Over time, you can continue to improve the areas that are not working for you, or that are truly disorganized and wasting your time.

If you celebrate small steps, it helps encourage you to move forward with the next project (when the time is right). Each time you complete a project, try this. Wait a couple of hours or a day, then go back and look at what you have accomplished. Now say, “Hey, this is a little bit better!”

2 thoughts on “Celebrate Small Organizing Steps

  1. Love those little phrases that become part of the family vernacular. Great way to think about the value of small progress!

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    1. It helps to remind us, and makes me smile at the same time.


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