Website Design

Website Design

What’s in a Website? A website establishes your credibility and displays professionalism by clearly explaining how you run your business. It also begins the process of introducing you to potential clients in a friendly way.

How May I Help You?

Choosing Content

As a Professional Organizer, you may be speculating about the content for your site. Ask yourself who your ideal client is. What is your background? Do you have a specialty? Include photos and descriptions to attract new clients.

Why WordPress?

WordPress is a flexible platform that allows your business to shine and reflect your way of doing business. Customization can include photos or videos to attract your audience and help them learn what you have to offer.

About the Process

You supply the text for your website, in its final, polished form. As we work on your layout, the number of pages may change. If you need stock photos or illustrations, we are happy to help locate them for you.

Website Best Practices

Learn how to create a website that is striking, clean and interesting
to reflect your professional organizing business.

“Thank you for the awesome website design. Everything I communicated to you was perfectly conveyed on the website.”

Gloria Bullock, Glorified Organizing

“I hired (Maureen) to redesign my website and her artistry is amazing. I highly recommend her, and she’s down to earth, and nice, too.”

Lisa Mark, CPO, The Time Butler

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