Hidden Storage

Up The Wall
Look “Up The Wall” for Hidden Storage

Do you look around your office or home office and think you have used up all of your storage space?  Take another look and I bet you could find more space.  Here are a few ideas of possible “hidden” storage spaces.

Up the Wall:  Do you have a low book case?  What is above it?  Try adding a shelf or two that is the same width as your bookcase.  This will take up no more floor space than the book case below it.  Same goes for a desk placed against the wall.  The basic rule is, “go up, not out” to find more storage space.

Around the Window:  Is there room for a wall of storage around the window?  This does not have to be custom built.  It could be a desk or table you already have, combined with new wall shelving.  You may be thinking that you don’t want to make your room appear smaller.  But, if the room is cluttered, going up the wall or around the window “creates” more storage space, which makes everything neater and therefore the room appears larger.

Inside the Closet:  Do you use your home office closet to hang out of season clothing?  What’s underneath the clothes?  Try placing long items on one side and short on the other.  Then, place a 2-drawer filing cabinet, small shelf or book case underneath the short-hanging side.

Under the Table:  Do you have a table in your office that sits against the wall?  Try putting a small file cabinet on wheels underneath the table.  This stores items you use once in awhile, not everyday storage.

Under the Bed:  This idea is commonly used for extra blankets or out of season clothing.  But, how about archive papers?  Once again, this is not for every day storage.

Take a hard look at your space.  Try to be as objective as you can to see where there are small volumes of space that are not being utilized.  Be creative.  Once again, if you need help, call me!

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