How to Remember to Pay Your Bills

How to remember to pay your billsIn my most recent newsletter, I covered the topic of clearing your desktop. Now, let’s talk about maintaining your paperwork. I find that one of the most problematic types of paperwork is bill-paying. I have written a few questions that would like you to answer for yourself, so that you can be sure your bill-paying system matches what you actually do. Continue reading How to Remember to Pay Your Bills

Small Project Organizing: Your Desk

Desk Organization IdeasPaper.

It’s one of the most difficult things to keep organized, and it keeps arriving every day. So, I am going to separate this topic into two parts: clearing your desk, and setting up a system.

While you may be tempted just scoop up the entire contents of your desk top and move it aside – or even throw it all away – doing so does not actually accomplish anything. So, let’s start with creating categories. If you have a large quantity of each category, then you may want to use a bin or paper bag for each category.


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Do you have one of these?

Do you have a collection like this? Perhaps it is in a box, a bin, or a pile in a corner. Well, mine has been stored in a bin on the shelf in my husband’s office. But, today…I simply could not tolerate it any longer.

Image of a mass of computer cables
Do you have a bunch of cables like this?

To me, the purpose of organizing one’s belongings is so that you can find what you need, when you need it, and that the quantity of any one category fits your life and available storage. When I started the project, the cords and cables did indeed fit their container, but they were in such a wadded-up mess, that it was a waste of time looking for what I wanted.

Here is how I organized our cords & cables bin. Continue reading Do you have one of these?