How to Remember to Pay Your Bills

In my most recent newsletter, I covered the topic of clearing your desktop. Now, let’s talk about maintaining your paperwork. I find that one of the most problematic types of paperwork is bill-paying. I have written a few questions that would like you to answer for yourself, so that you can be sure your bill-paying … Continue reading How to Remember to Pay Your Bills

Small Project Organizing: Your Desk

Paper. It’s one of the most difficult things to keep organized, and it keeps arriving every day. So, I am going to separate this topic into two parts: clearing your desk, and setting up a system. While you may be tempted just scoop up the entire contents of your desk top and move it aside … Continue reading Small Project Organizing: Your Desk

Award-Winning Organizing Products

Each year in April, the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) holds their annual conference. One event that takes place is the Organizers’ Choice Awards. These are chosen by votes of the NAPO organizers and who attend the conference. Categories include organizing work, home, storage spaces, moving and debris removal. I would like to tell … Continue reading Award-Winning Organizing Products