What Organizing Topics are on Your Mind?

Since I began writing the Maur Organized Newsletter, I have been writing about what is on my mind. Sometimes inspiration comes from outside sources, such as an industry award on a product, or perhaps a season-appropriate topic. Other times, my newsletter is written about what I am organizing at my own home at the moment.

Today, I would like you to tell me what you want to learn, so I have created a poll. Please take a few minutes to click on a couple of your favorites, or enter an idea that you have on your mind. I won’t be sharing anything; this information will only be used to guide me in future newsletters. As always, I welcome an email from you, too: maurorganized@comcast.net.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this poll.

Celebrate Small Organizing Steps

Organizing a little bit betterSeveral years ago, my brother and his wife adopted a rescue dog. This dog had a carefree attitude, and did not seem to really notice that he now had a home, instead of living in a shelter. It was as if the dog was saying, “Hey, this is a little bit better!”

Since then, this phrase has become a motto in our household. Regular readers of the Maur Organized Newsletter will know that I strongly believe in small projects. Each time I complete a small project, I proclaim, “Hey, this is a little bit better!”

Now, let’s apply this to organizing. Organizing is a process, not a destination. Continue reading Celebrate Small Organizing Steps

Mind Clutter and Chronic Illness

It is oh-so-very easy to play mind games with yourself when you have a chronic illness. I know, because I have one. My conversations with myself would go like this: I should; I hate; and I can’t. Woman with Mind ClutterHere are some examples:

I should straighten the kitchen. I hate the way I need help with a simple task. I can’t bend over to unload the dishwasher.

I should go to the pharmacy. I hate going out in public when I don’t feel good. I can’t drive today, because I am dizzy.

I should organize my bedroom. I hate that it’s depressing and not as comfortable as I want. I can’t move the furniture.

Therefore, I won’t start. Continue reading Mind Clutter and Chronic Illness