Does Your Home Support Your Current Life?

I have a friend who has severe chronic pain, which makes bending very difficult. We were looking at her storage to see how it could be adapted to her current abilities. We found the most-used items currently living on her countertop, which she felt guilty about. I suggested that she add a tray, to make … Continue reading Does Your Home Support Your Current Life?

My Favorite Organizing Rule

My favorite organizing rule is “don’t put it down, put it away.” The idea is to set up your home or office so that you easily know where something goes. That way, you can find it when you want it, and put it away when you’re finished with it. It’s really a mindset, to get … Continue reading My Favorite Organizing Rule

10 Small Organizing Projects

If you have been reading the Maur Organized newsletter for a while, then you probably know that one of my favorite rules is to break your organizing down into small projects. Today, I would like to present you with ten small project ideas. Choose one or two to get started, and you may find yourself … Continue reading 10 Small Organizing Projects

Holiday Supply Donation Resources

If you are inspired by the New Year, or perhaps determined to reduce some clutter in your home, then I have a resource that I would like to share with you. It is called The Stuff Stop, a free resource website designed to direct you to places where you can donate usable discards. You can … Continue reading Holiday Supply Donation Resources