Mind Clutter and Chronic Illness

It is oh-so-very easy to play mind games with yourself when you have a chronic illness. I know, because I have one. My conversations with myself would go like this: I should; I hate; and I can’t. Here are some examples: I should straighten the kitchen. I hate the way I need help with a … Continue reading Mind Clutter and Chronic Illness

Does Your Home Support Your Current Life?

I have a friend who has severe chronic pain, which makes bending very difficult. We were looking at her storage to see how it could be adapted to her current abilities. We found the most-used items currently living on her countertop, which she felt guilty about. I suggested that she add a tray, to make … Continue reading Does Your Home Support Your Current Life?

Organizing your medicine cabinet

Here is a project that is difficult to bring up to the top of our priority list – the medicine cabinet.  It’s not fun and you don’t get to purchase pretty dividers to finish off the project.  But, it can be satisfying just to create more space and certainly make it easier to find what … Continue reading Organizing your medicine cabinet