The Best of Maur Organized

Row of HeartsOne of my favorite columnists is Marni Jameson. She writes a weekly newspaper column, discussing all things home. Each December, she re-caps her thoughts for the year, and I enjoy reminding myself what I learned. In that same spirit, I would like to present to you some of my favorite, previous, Maur Organized Newsletter posts.

If you are motivated by the New Year, and need some perspective for organizing your space, then these writings will give you an overall perspective and a good place to start.

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Proof of Organizing

A friend of mine is moving. After she read my recent post on Organizing the Junk Drawer, she sent me the following note. Her drawer is a good example of what works.

Organized Junk Drawer

“My junk drawer…has been (organized) ever since I found a stacking junk drawer organizer a couple of years ago. When I was cleaning my cupboards and drawers for moving, I hardly had to touch the drawer since it’s actually stayed organized! Just goes to show, that if you find the right container for storage you have a better chance for things to stay organized.”

I call it proof or organizing. Do you have an area in your home that works well for you? Want to show it off? Send me a photo and I just might post it here.

What Organizing Topics are on Your Mind?

Since I began writing the Maur Organized Newsletter, I have been writing about what is on my mind. Sometimes inspiration comes from outside sources, such as an industry award on a product, or perhaps a season-appropriate topic. Other times, my newsletter is written about what I am organizing at my own home at the moment.

Today, I would like you to tell me what you want to learn, so I have created a poll. Please take a few minutes to click on a couple of your favorites, or enter an idea that you have on your mind. I won’t be sharing anything; this information will only be used to guide me in future newsletters. As always, I welcome an email from you, too:

Thank you for taking the time to complete this poll.

Celebrate Small Organizing Steps

Organizing a little bit betterSeveral years ago, my brother and his wife adopted a rescue dog. This dog had a carefree attitude, and did not seem to really notice that he now had a home, instead of living in a shelter. It was as if the dog was saying, “Hey, this is a little bit better!”

Since then, this phrase has become a motto in our household. Regular readers of the Maur Organized Newsletter will know that I strongly believe in small projects. Each time I complete a small project, I proclaim, “Hey, this is a little bit better!”

Now, let’s apply this to organizing. Organizing is a process, not a destination. Continue reading Celebrate Small Organizing Steps