The Best of Maur Organized

Row of HeartsOne of my favorite columnists is Marni Jameson. She writes a weekly newspaper column, discussing all things home. Each December, she re-caps her thoughts for the year, and I enjoy reminding myself what I learned. In that same spirit, I would like to present to you some of my favorite, previous, Maur Organized Newsletter posts.

If you are motivated by the New Year, and need some perspective for organizing your space, then these writings will give you an overall perspective and a good place to start.

To read the articles, just click on the blue titles.

“Are You Stuck?” This article illustrates three scenarios of life-situations that can creep up on us, and how to recognize if that is happening to you.

“What Are You Not Using?” This edition helps identify categories of belongings that we tend to ignore, and in which we simply have too much.

Three Questions On How to Toss: This is a simple set of questions designed to help you make decisions.

Secrets From A Pro-What I Learned From My Stuff: Details some of my own thoughts while dismantling my parent’s home.

Will My Donations Be Put To Good Use? This newsletter post provides some donation resources.

Don’t Let “Should” Get In Your Way: Provides some guidance for setting up a customized organizing system that suits you and your own habits.

Drop me a line by writing something in the comment box, below, and let me know if this is helpful. I just might do it again next year.










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