6 Things You Must Not Toss in the Trash

Disposal ResourcesDid you know that it is actually illegal to place the some items in trash or landfills? When organizing your home, there are times when you may wonder what the best method is for recycling, donating or disposing of an item you no longer need. If you don’t have the answer, procrastination can be the result. So…into the garage it goes (am I right?). Here are six items you must not toss in the trash, and what to do with them.

Batteries: all types of batteries contain harmful materials. This includes disposable as well as rechargeable batteries. Place a small bin next to your battery supply and label it “recycle” or “used” batteries. Then once or twice a year, drop them off. Click here to find a convenient location. In my area, there is a local hardware store nearby that will accept them.

Fluorescent Lights: Contra Costa County’s hazardous waste website says, “Fluorescent lamps and tubes contain mercury, which is considered hazardous and therefore it is illegal to dispose of them with regular trash.” If you live outside of Contra Costa County, then I suggest that you search on “hazardous waste disposal” for your local community. Continue reading 6 Things You Must Not Toss in the Trash

Proof of Organizing

A friend of mine is moving. After she read my recent post on Organizing the Junk Drawer, she sent me the following note. Her drawer is a good example of what works.

Organized Junk Drawer

“My junk drawer…has been (organized) ever since I found a stacking junk drawer organizer a couple of years ago. When I was cleaning my cupboards and drawers for moving, I hardly had to touch the drawer since it’s actually stayed organized! Just goes to show, that if you find the right container for storage you have a better chance for things to stay organized.”

I call it proof or organizing. Do you have an area in your home that works well for you? Want to show it off? Send me a photo and I just might post it here.

A to Z: Items to Discard

Did you notice that I had not yet sent out the May edition of my newsletter? That is because I wanted to send it out on May 5. Today is the fifth anniversary of the starting date of my business, Maur Organized.

Graphic of A-ZIn celebration, I thought I would write an A-to-Z list of items to consider discarding. Remember, don’t try to do this all at once! Pick one, or a few, and make sure that they actually leave your home before you work on organizing again another day. If you only set them aside, then you have not actually made a true change by creating more space for yourself.


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Peel Back the Layers; Organizing Step-by-Step

You can’t organize a cluttered home by yourself in one day. There, I said it. A crew of professionals can make a huge difference, and there are times when that is the best method for making a change. For this newsletter, however, I am speaking to those of you who wish to organize on your own. The question then arises, “where do I start?”

Presentation1An experienced organizer said to me awhile back that organizing is like an onion, it peels back in layers. You have to start with the outer layer before you can see what is underneath it. So, how would that look for organizing your home? Here is a fictitious scenario, along with a step-by-step solution; each step to be done on a different day, perhaps a week or two apart.

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