A to Z: Items to Discard

Did you notice that I had not yet sent out the May edition of my newsletter? That is because I wanted to send it out on May 5. Today is the fifth anniversary of the starting date of my business, Maur Organized.

Graphic of A-ZIn celebration, I thought I would write an A-to-Z list of items to consider discarding. Remember, don’t try to do this all at once! Pick one, or a few, and make sure that they actually leave your home before you work on organizing again another day. If you only set them aside, then you have not actually made a true change by creating more space for yourself.


    • A=Artwork you dislike
    • B=Bags, plastic
    • C=Cell phones, old
    • D=Dishes, chipped or cracked
    • E=Electrical cords, orphan
    • F=Food, expired
    • G=Glasses, wrong prescription
    • H=Hats, never worn
    • I=Ill-fitting clothes
    • J=Junk
    • K=Keys, orphan
    • L=Linens, torn or wrong size
    • M=Might need one day
    • N=Novels, paperback, already read
    • O=Operating manuals (things you don’t own)
    • P=Paint, old
    • Q=Quantity (too much of anything)
    • R=Receipts, old
    • S=Shoes you don’t wear
    • T=Towels, stained or torn
    • U=Umbrellas, broken
    • V=Vases from flower deliveries
    • W=Worn out
    • X=eXpired medication (OK, I cheated)
    • Y=Yard furniture, broken
    • Z=Zip code directory

For more information, please visit MaurOrganized.com.

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