10 Small Organizing Projects

If you have been reading the Maur Organized newsletter for a while, then you probably know that one of my favorite rules is to break your organizing down into small projects. Today, I would like to present you with ten small project ideas. Choose one or two to get started, and you may find yourself motivated to do more.

Junk Drawer

1. Car: If you have anything that belongs in the house, do that first. Then, discard all garbage. Vacuum the interior. Buy a small trash container.

2. Kitchen junk drawer: Empty the entire drawer. Sort by: keep, toss, and goes-elsewhere. Put back only the keep items. If you don’t have a drawer divider, take a good look at the sizes of the keep items and see if a divider would help. Be sure to put away your “goes elsewhere” items, or they will become clutter too.

3. Bathroom under sink: Remove everything from under the sink. Toss anything that is no longer usable, and then make a list of cleaning or first-aid items that you are missing.

4. Desk drawer: Once again, remove everything from the drawer. Separate out items that belong elsewhere in the house. Toss any wadded up papers, receipts that you don’t need, dried up glue or old coupons. If you have dead batteries, or old cell phones, check Earth911.com for a local disposal location.

5. Sock drawer: I have a friend who is colorblind. I once asked his wife how he matches his socks, and she responded that he only wears black or white socks. For me, I need brown too, so that won’t work. But, certainly simplifying your sock choices can make it easier to maintain. Oh, and I love to use socks as rags.

6. Refrigerator: Why do we hate cleaning out the fridge? Maybe it’s because if you wait too long, it gets sticky. So, remove everything (yes, I know I keep saying that). Toss all of the items you know you’ll never eat. Wipe down the shelves. Make a shopping list of staples you need to replenish.

7. Shoe closet: Ladies, I know you love your shoes. But, do they really fit in your closet? If the answer is yes, then you can skip to the next suggestion. The best way to maintain your shoe collection is to know how many will fit in your closet, and get rid everything above that number. You know that you always wear your favorites anyway, right?

8. Book shelf: Ditto the suggestion for shoes. Your books should fit into the space you have for them. How many that is will depend on your space. Ask yourself if you will really read that paperback again. I know that books feel like friends, but are they helpful friends? Or, are they clutter? Take donations to booksforthebarrios.org or your local used bookstore.

9. Gift wrap bin: Take a good luck at your gift wrap. If a bunch of it is smashed or torn, you might want to recycle it. Or, if you use gift bags regularly, you can use the tattered pieces as stuffing by putting them through a one-way (not cross-cut) shredder.

10. Cleaning supplies: Figure out which ones you never use, and take them to your local hazardous materials disposal facility. In my area, it is located at 4797 Imhoff Place, Martinez. If you are not sure what they will accept, here is a list. You probably have favorites that you always use, so why keep the duds?

Bonus Tip: If you wonder where to dispose of something, try checking earth911.com. Also, Real Simple published an article a while back called, “How to Recycle Anything.”

Do you have something that you don’t know how to discard? Send me an email, and I might be able to help.

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