Have you found balance?

Today, I do not feel like writing about organizing. Why? Because my husband and I just returned from a fabulous trip to Kauai, our first one. Instead, I want to write about balance. Here are some areas which I would like you to consider. Have you achieved the balance that you want?



  • Work vs. Play
  • Family Time vs. Chores
  • Productivity vs. Rest
  • Clutter vs. Clear Space
  • Organizing vs. Let it Be

The balance between any of the above is yours to choose, and different from person to person. It lies at the spot where you can find your belongings when you need them, manage your schedule, pay your bills and meet your obligations. On the other end of the spectrum, you have time to enjoy your life, laugh with your friends and family, and have fun. In Kauai, I actually spent an afternoon playing in the ocean. Just bobbing around, catching the waves and laughing, something I had not done in…forever. Recreation truly helps to revive the spirit.

One of the keys to organizing is to perform small tasks consistently, instead of waiting until you are overwhelmed with clutter or a project backlog. But, if life has taken you to a place where you are already overwhelmed, unable to de-clutter on your own, and you are not able to manage your life, then please consider getting some help to move to the balance side of the spectrum. (Check the National Association of Professional Organizers directory to locate someone in your area.)

I wish you joy and balance in your life.

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