Award-Winning Organizing Products

Each year in April, the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) holds their annual conference. One event that takes place is the Organizers’ Choice Awards. These are chosen by votes of the NAPO organizers and who attend the conference. Categories include organizing work, home, storage spaces, moving and debris removal. I would like to tell you about two of this year’s winners.

1. This year’s winner of the “Best Productivity Solution for Mobile Workers” award is the Staples® Better Binder with Removable File Rings. This unique concept allows you to transfer a group of documents from a binder to a file drawer and back again, rings and all.

Jun 2013 photo_Staples Better Binder
Staples Better Binder

Usage: This product is great for anyone who has two or more places where they work, such as a business office and a home office. If you have sets of information in paper form that you need to access in both places, this allows you to take it out of the binder, rings and all, and file into a file drawer. When you want to use it or take it with you, you put it back into the binder. Have you ever tried to line up a group of binders on a shelf? The fat-spine, narrow-body shape makes this difficult. Storing them in a file drawer takes care of this problem. For more information, click on this link to see how it works.

2. This year’s winner of the “Best Solution for Organizing Storage Space” is the PackAways Reusable Plastic Storage Box by Technology Container Corporation. These storage boxes provide the water resistance and durability of plastic along with the convenience of a collapsible cardboard box.

Jun 2013 photo_Packaways
Packaways Storage Containers

Usage: This product would be great for any temporary storage use, such as storing items when remodeling. Or, use them to sort your organizing categories (keep, toss, etc.). They include a write-on, wipe-off label to temporarily label the contents. Use them to transport items that need protection in transit, such as decorations for an event away from home. They are very easy to assemble and fold flat when you’re finished (underneath the bed, perhaps). There are several sizes and colors for flexibility.

For information and to view a YouTube video, click here.

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