Are You Stuck?

Stuck drawingWe all have different stages in our lives.  We transition from childhood, to college (for many) to the work world.  We move from one city to another.  Our relationships change; our parents grow old and pass on.  Problems can occur when a past stage of our lives interferes with our current life.  I call this getting stuck.

Here are some examples.

Leanne is a mother of three.  She loves being a mom.  Now, her kids are in high school and college and they are asserting their independence.  But, Leanne loved having small children around.  She wants to keep their baby clothes, their baby furniture and her daughter’s dolls as mementos.  Leanne is stuck.

Joe is a former business owner.  He owned a video rental store, which has now gone under.  Joe has boxes and boxes of videotapes in his garage, his family room,
and stacked in the hallways of his home.  He enjoyed success for several years in this business.  He has a new job, but now he can’t bring himself to dispose of the videotapes in any way.  Joe is stuck.

Arthur and Marie are parents of four kids.  Arthur’s mom has increasing dementia, and has moved in with them.  Arthur and Marie take turns caring for Mom, which is a new responsibility on top of their already busy lives.  They don’t have the time to arrange Mom’s room, dispose of any unnecessary belongings to make her space comfortable;
there simply is no time to work on it.   Arthur and Marie are stuck.

Do any of these stories sound familiar?  They are all fictitious, of course, but they illustrate my point.  Life creeps up on us when we don’t expect it to.  Circumstances change, jobs change, people change.

There are solutions!  One of the things a professional organizer can do is to help people who are stuck make good decisions about what is relevant to their life as it is right now.  An organizer can also be an accountability partner, setting a schedule for making changes at a pace that is comfortable for the client (remember the three questions from my March newsletter:  Do I use it?  Do I love it?  Does it fit my life right now?).

Action Item:  Ask yourself if there are items in your home that are getting in the way of your life, that are no longer relevant.  Think of how you would feel if those items were gone.  Are you ready to make a change?

Remember this:  it is possible to become unstuck.







2 thoughts on “Are You Stuck?

  1. […] “Are You Stuck?” This article illustrates three scenarios of life-situations that can creep up on us, and how to recognize if that is happening to you. […]


  2. […] “Are You Stuck?” This article illustrates three scenarios of life-situations that can creep up on us, and how to recognize if that is happening to you. […]


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