Change your attitude, change your life

I have a friend who is 87 years young.  She lives alone in a single-family home.  A few months ago, she was contemplating her future living situation, saying to me, “When I get old….”

Attitude affects all parts of our lives, including organizing.  Here are some specific ways that you can change your organizing habits with a change of attitude.

1.  Now vs. Later.  Try to develop the habit of completing a task, instead of getting almost there and putting off the rest.  This includes dishes, laundry and mail.  If you stack your dirty dishes on the counter, the task will take longer later.  If you dump your socks on the floor instead of putting them in the hamper, you just have to pick them up later.  Worse yet, clean clothing can get mixed with dirty and then you have to sort through the entire pile or re-wash the clean items.  Think “now,” complete your task right away, and you will find your tasks take less time.

2.  Be Realistic.  In the organizing world, there is a term called “ruthless editing.”  Now, I am not saying that this attitude is for everyone.  But, having fewer belongings does simplify your life.  There is less to clean, less to keep track of and it’s easier to locate what you need when you want it.  If you take the time to edit out your clutter, and be realistic about what you will really need, use and love, then you will find that your life is much more simple.

3.  Embrace The Present.  Where is your life now?  Do your belongings support your current lifestyle?  Try to let go of the “I might need it someday” attitude.  Take a look around your home.  What do you have from your past that is not supporting your current life?  Is your home comfortable and does it support the way you live?  If not, then what areas are full of clutter and keeping you from living your best life?  Is it your garage?  Your home office?  Your kids’ playroom?

Assignment for the week:  Ask yourself what attitudes you are carrying that are holding you back.  Try to think of one small change that you can make.  It could be something as simple as vowing to keep the inside of your car clean for two weeks.  Or, it could be emptying the dishwasher as soon as you can after it finishes cycling.  Maybe it is as small as always putting your phone and keys in the same place when you walk in the door.  Whatever you choose, start with the way you think about it – your attitude. 

With my 87-year-old friend as inspiration, I think I will work on developing my “I can do it” attitude.

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2 thoughts on “Change your attitude, change your life

  1. I hope that when I’m in my 80s, I too will be looking forward to the future! I admire people who have an active lifestyle in their later years and have realized that I will only be one of them if I start now, so I’ve started to make more time for the things I enjoy, like walking and cooking. Fortunately, those are things that should help me live longer too!


    1. I agree wholeheartedly! Thanks for your comment.


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