15 Ways To Use A Post-It® Note

I just learned yesterday that those born since 2000 are considered “Digital Natives.” Since I learned to type on an electric typewriter, my thought processes are different from those (young) folks. I am pretty good on a computer, but many times my go-to method of creating reminders for myself is on paper. To that end, and for a little lightness in this newsletter, I have written 15 ways to use a Post-It® Note.

Sticky Notes 2Papers: Label designated areas of your home office with File, Action, Shredding, Recycle. Do a quick-sort of every paper in your office.

Kitchen: Use Post-It notes to label piles: Keep, Donate, Toss and Occasional. Empty your shelves, get rid of donate and toss. Move the occasional items to the top shelf or other hard-to-access spot.

Shoes: Pile shoes that you don’t wear into one box and write a post-it note with a “use-by” date (6 months, maybe, except for special-occasion only shoes). Shoes left in the box by the date get donated.


Binders: Buy the new Full Adhesive Rolls to label the spine of a binder.

Love Notes: Write an encouraging message and put it on your kid’s lunch.

Temporary Projects: Don’t want to write on a manila folder? Gather papers from a temporary project and label the outside with a Post-It.

Extra Reminder: Place a “don’t forget” reminder on the bathroom mirror, or the coffee pot…or wherever you are sure that you will look.

Seminar Notes: Write your action items on a Post-It and place it on top of your seminar notes.

Color Code: Use a different color Post-It for each area of your life, such as green for paying bills (green=money, get it?), yellow for work, blue for family, etc.

Magazines: Do you like to pass your magazines along to a friend? Use a Post-It to write notes about your favorite articles, pictures, recipes, etc.

Books: If you lend someone a book, and want it returned, try writing “please return to Jodie by October 1, 2013.”

Library Books: On the other hand, if you borrow a library book, write the due-date on a Post-It and slap it on the cover.

Running Errands: Put a Post-It note on the dashboard of your car, listing all of the places you have to visit.

Pantry: Have favorites that you buy in multiples? Write “use first” and stick it onto to oldest item.

Incoming Mail: Have you ever sorted your mail, but you can’t finish because someone else in the house has to look at their part? Clip (or rubber band) them together and write, “Joe’s Pile” on it.


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