Before and After

I would like to present a client’s story, complete with “before” and “after” photographs.  This is the story of PK, who needed help moving her office.


Challenge #1:  Moving an office with little advance warning.  PK decided to move her office, but did not have time to plan this move in stages.  She was able to dispose of some unneeded equipment before the move, but did not have quite enough time to organize her move for easier setup in her new space.

Solution:  We started the organizing process by setting up the computer and desk area to minimize downtime.  This may sound obvious, but take a look at the “before” photo and you will see that once the movers brought everything in, there was not enough room to move around.  Once she was able to continue to operate her business, we were able to schedule work days to sort and purge the rest of the items.

Challenge #2:  Use what you have.  This was important to PK, both to keep costs down and to minimize waste.

Solution:  We found some unused items:  a hutch (normally placed on top of a desk) and some wall shelving.  We paired them together to create additional workspace alongside her desk.   The only piece of furniture she had to buy was a small open shelf, for frequently used office supplies.

Challenge #3:  Bring tasks in house.  PK was paying an accountant a monthly fee to do all of her taxes and reporting.

Solution:  Bringing most of her accounting in-house saved quite a bit of money.  We installed QuickBooks on her computer, so she could manage her own tax reporting (saving $2,880 per year) and eliminate paper accounting (saving time).


The result of PK’s new office is a bright, open, organized office.  She has her desk by the window, frequently-used items within reach, and a work table for projects.

Here is what she had to say:  “Maureen truly has a gift when it comes to organizing.  She was able to understand my needs and set up a personalized system, which made it easy to keep my business organized, saved me valuable time and helped increase my profits.”


Take a look at the “after” photo, and you will see PK’s “Maur Organized” space.

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