Cables & Cords

I am starting a new feature in my newsletter, called Maureen’s Monitor.  It is a list of things that have caught my eye, which I believe will be helpful organizing tools.  If you try one, please send me an email to let me know what you think.  Some I have tried, others are on my wish list.

CableOrganizer.comThis month I want to talk about cables and cords.  I don’t know about you, but I find the mass of cables under my desk annoying.  Now, I know that wireless computer networks minimize the amount of cords we have, but there are those of us who still have lots of them.  So, here are a few products to help you if you have the same problem.

There are several ways to manage your cables, and they fall into three basic categories:  bundling, disguising and labeling.  This month, I am discussing products that bundle your cords.

Wire Snake:  Use these to wrap around your cables to create nice, neat bundles.  They are very flexible and can accommodate several cords in one bunch.  The Container Store has them available in several colors.  Check out:

Cable Catcher:  This clever device clamps onto the edge of your desk, and catches the ends of your cables.  You have easy access to your cables without crawling underneath the desk.  Check out this website for more info:

Velcro® Ties:  These can be cut to length, come in several colors and are very affordable.  Use them to store your extension cords neatly or to control cables at your desk.  They are also available at The Container Store:

Here are some great resources for cord control products:

Check them out, and send me an email with your feedback.  Together, we can conquer this chaotic collection of cable clutter!

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