“Maur” Ideas For Keeping Your Office Neat

RackIt Wall File
RackIt Wall File

Rack-It:  Are you a visual person?  Do you like to have your in-process materials at your fingertips?  Then, you might like a wall-mounted file system called “Rack-It.”  Here is what the website has to say, “The Rackitfile™ product is made of a durable steel construction and has 22 rungs for hanging a full set of alphabetical files in either standard or legal size.”  It comes with mounting hardware, a template and instructions.  This would be perfect for anyone who has empty wall space and a desk-full of different projects.  Check out their website:  http://www.rackitfile.com/info/about.html.  Maur Organized Tip:  Don’t plan to sort through your project files every day to see what you have to do.  Do plan to keep a separate system for tracking your to-do list.  There are several ways to tackle this; if you need help, call me.


DocuMate:  Do you have several reference documents that you need to have at your fingertips?  Check out the DocuMate® Reference Organizer.  It sits on your desk and opens like a huge old dictionary at the library.  You can easily open it to the page you need while you’re on the phone or working at your computer.  I am imagining it for directory listings, customized cheat-sheets you have written for yourself, or price guide charts.  They even have index tabs to label the pages and a white board panel for quick notes.  For more information, go here:  http://www.ultoffice.com/DocuMate-20-Pocket-Desk-Organizer.


Smead Poly Envelopes
Smead Poly Envelopes

Smead Poly Envelopes:  What do you do with your computer software, manuals and warrantee information?  Here is my favorite method for containing them so that you can find them later.  Get yourself some large zip bags or plastic folders such as these poly envelopes by Smead.  If you have more than one computer, create one for each and label the packet for that computer.  When it comes time to buy a new computer, if you re-use some of your software, be sure to move them to your new packet.  Check out this color-coded version:  http://www.smead.com/Director.asp?NodeID=861&group=0&item=89669.

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