Free online label software from Avery

Organizing isn’t always fun, is it?  Well, I firmly believe that there are ways to motivate yourself to create and maintain your organizing systems.  How about labels that you love?  Would that help you keep your pantry looking as you want it to?Custom label printing

I wanted to check out the Avery website’s template software, so I decided to create some pantry labels as a gift.  I went to the office supply store and bought Avery Glossy White Oval Labels (item #22804).  The Avery website has a huge variety of free templates created to match their products.  You don’t even need an account.  They have plain, fancy, holiday, masculine, feminine, kids…more varieties than I can name.

Their step-by-step system is quick and easy to use.  It would be a fun project for kids, too.  You can make an entire sheet of one label (with your company’s name and logo, for example), or type different words onto one sheet, as I did for a pantry project.

Here’s how it works.  Go to Avery Design & Print Online.

Type in your product number (my oval labels are #22804) and click “go.”

Click on the description to confirm you have the correct product.  In my case, it said, “oval labels.”

On the left, you will see a list of categories to narrow your search or just click through the pages until you find one you want.  Click “select and customize.”

There are two options:  easy edit and full customization.  I chose the easy-edit mode.  If you have an image that you want to add, such as a company logo or a photo of your kid, you might want full customization.

Type the text that you want in the box to the left.  It will appear in your on-screen view of your label template.  Click next.

You can add images on the next screen, but I did not need to do that.  Click “done.”  Don’t be fooled by this…you’re not done; you are just done adding text and images.

On the next screen there will be a series of options in the left-hand column.  This is where you can change your font.  If you’re creating kitchen labels as I did, I recommend that you make the font larger than the default.  I chose Chicory 26 point font.

On the right side of the screen is the sheet navigator.  For my project, I wanted one sheet with the same design and different words on my labels.  So, I chose “edit one.”  For each individual label I typed a word (or two) and then clicked on the next virtual label on the sheet navigator box until I had filled up as much of my sheet as I wanted.  (This is much easier to do than it is to explain…take a look and you will see what I mean.)  You can customize the font size for an individual label if you want.  In my case I needed to fit the words “Mexican Hot Chocolate,” so I made the font a bit smaller for that specific label.

When you like what you see, click the green “preview & print” button in the upper right.  I chose to print one on plain paper to be sure that I was happy.  Also, be sure you know which way to put the labels into your printer (face up or down).  Hit print, and you’re finished!

Overall, I enjoyed my project and found the website easy.  If you make some custom labels for your next organizing project, please send me an email telling me what you did and how it worked for you.  Happy Organizing!

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