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Where do you find inspiration for how you arrange your home?  From friends, professionals, photographs, online, magazines or television, perhaps.  I am very visually oriented, so I love glossy photos that offer ideas for improving my surroundings.  If I am lucky, a photograph will provide a solution to a problem that I currently have.

Enter Pinterest.  Have you heard of it yet?  It is the newest social media website, which has hit the world by storm.  Think of Pinterest as a digital bulletin board.  Users create boards in categories to suit them, and post – or “pin” – photos from around the web.

If you see a photograph of a kitchen you like, don’t print it, pin it.  One terrific feature is that you can browse other user’s boards and re-pin what you see onto your own board.  Some people pin recipes they would like to try, fashions, exercise ideas, or whatever is going on in their life.  My niece is getting married in July, so she has a wedding pin board.

How does this relate to organizing?  I believe people need to be inspired and motivated to make a change in their life.  No one can force another to change their feelings, attitude or viewpoint.  However, photos can provide inspiration and information.  So, I have created a Pinterest site for you to browse.  One hundred pictures (so far) to set your imagination flowing, in five categories:  Kitchen Ideas, Home Office Organizing, Products I Like, For The Home and My Style.  If you have a Pinterest site yourself, you might find some things you want to re-pin.

If you don’t have a Pinterest site and you want to see what all of the excitement is about, please send me an email and I will send an invitation to join.

Go to: to get inspired!

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