How organized do you want to be?

How organized do you want to be? Guess what, it’s your choice!

One of the definitions of the word organize is “to arrange in a coherent form; to systematize.” In the world of professional organizers we say that to be organized is to be able to find your things when you need them. Beyond that, it’s up to you. In my way of thinking, just how far you choose to go is totally up to you.

Do you want things to be functional, but beyond that – well it’s not worth your time? Or, do you love opening your closet or pantry and having everything tidy and beautiful? Personally, I have some of each. My rule of thumb for my own home is open storage needs to be more attractive than closed storage. I can find my things, but I generally don’t spend extra money to make the insides of my closets magazine-photo perfect.

Small Drawer 2
Small Drawer: Before & After

One of the projects that I have just finished is organizing my kitchen utensil drawers. In this case, I decided that – even though they are closed storage – they are worth the time and money that it took to make them beautiful. (This is partly, because I love to cook and I wanted to be able to smile when I opened the drawers.) Continue reading How organized do you want to be?

Free online label software from Avery

Organizing isn’t always fun, is it?  Well, I firmly believe that there are ways to motivate yourself to create and maintain your organizing systems.  How about labels that you love?  Would that help you keep your pantry looking as you want it to?Custom label printing

I wanted to check out the Avery website’s template software, so I decided to create some pantry labels as a gift.  I went to the office supply store and bought Avery Glossy White Oval Labels (item #22804).  The Avery website has a huge variety of free templates created to match their products.  You don’t even need an account.  They have plain, fancy, holiday, masculine, feminine, kids…more varieties than I can name.

Continue reading Free online label software from Avery