Closet Makeover

Closet Before + notes
Closet Before

This is a photo of a closet that I organized for someone with a home office, when he first moved in. The closet did not have shelving, so a single bookcase was temporarily placed in the middle. As you can see from my notes, the space was very inefficient.

So, we built in shelves from top to bottom, using plywood and white paint. The sides were attached to the wall studs, so it is very sturdy. That means tons of stuff can be stored!

Closet After
Closet After

As you can see, office supplies and business materials are now organized and easy to find. To make use of every square inch, we added flexible cubbies that store business-sized papers and decorative boxes, which hold frequent-use items. These can be edited and re-labeled as his needs change. The very top shelf houses a series of small bins with less-often-used items. We opted not to add doors to this closet, to provide easy access. A drape could certainly be added, but this particular person did not want it.

Confession time: this “client” is my husband, and the closet has remained organized for 13 years.

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