Technology or Not?

Not long ago I was in Home Depot, and I heard a man whistle for his kid…or grandchild. I was immediately transported to my childhood, because this is something my own Dad did as well. A distinctive high-low (how does one describe a whistle, anyway?). I glanced at the man to see his age, and saw grey hair giving me a clue. I am certain he had no clue that I even noticed.

Photo of a keyboard
Technology or Not?

This got me to thinking that a younger father would maybe text or call to locate his family member, and to then ask myself, “technology or not – how does one decide?”

Here are a few of my thoughts on this question.

  • Learning Curve: Ask yourself how you will learn a new technology, and how long will this process take you. Is it user-friendly, and one that you could easily teach yourself? Are there online tutorials, books or a class available to teach you? Is the learning curve worth the time it will take you to learn?
  • Frequency of Use: How often will you use this software or app? Will it help you in your everyday life? Will it help you to manage a task that is currently taking way too much time or energy?
  • Cost: How much will it cost you to obtain and maintain the technology? Is the benefit of what the technology will provide worth the cost over time?

An example that comes to my mind is contact management. Take a look at where you have your business and personal contact information at the moment. Is it divided into more than one place (an old address book, a bundle of business cards, some contacts in your computer, and more in your phone)? What type of technology would help you to manage this the most? How will you learn to use it and what is the cost?

It is, of course, an individual choice that will be different for each person. But, for the guy in Home Depot, a simple whistle was effective…and brought a smile to my face.

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