Where do you store you contact data?

Where do you keep your important phone numbers and addresses? Are they all in one spot? Or, do you have a combination of paper, business cards, your email reader, an old address book and your phone? Let’s say that you need to schedule a tune-up for your car. Do you search Google for your favorite … Continue reading Where do you store you contact data?

Technology or Not?

Not long ago I was in Home Depot, and I heard a man whistle for his kid…or grandchild. I was immediately transported to my childhood, because this is something my own Dad did as well. A distinctive high-low (how does one describe a whistle, anyway?). I glanced at the man to see his age, and … Continue reading Technology or Not?

Transfer Your Outlook Address Book

Have you bought a new computer, and never bothered to transfer your Outlook address book from your old computer?  Do you miss being able to type part of the name, and have Outlook fill in the rest? Well, Microsoft has instructions for you.  Go to http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/outlook-help/copy-autocomplete-name-list-to-another-computer-HA001139451.aspx.

Forgot to buy a greeting card?

I just discovered a great way to make your own greeting card.  It’s free, and easy!  I created one in a few minutes with just a few clicks and my personalized message.  There is nothing to download or opt-in.  The Brother company (who makes printers) offers this service online.  Click http://www.brother.com/creativecenter/us/en_us/family/index.htm to go to their website.