15 Ways To Use A Post-It® Note

I just learned yesterday that those born since 2000 are considered “Digital Natives.” Since I learned to type on an electric typewriter, my thought processes are different from those (young) folks. I am pretty good on a computer, but many times my go-to method of creating reminders for myself is on paper. To that end, … Continue reading 15 Ways To Use A Post-It® Note

What Reminds You?

When a task or project is on the top of your mind, it’s easy to believe that you will remember to take action. So, you set the paperwork on your desk, fully intending to take care of it right away, or at least before it becomes obsolete. But then, another priority item comes along, and … Continue reading What Reminds You?

Ignore this well-known paper rule

For this month’s newsletter, I would like to introduce a guest writer, Shelly Collins. Shelly is a professional organizer and the owner of Clutter Contained, located in Saint Charles, Missouri. I read her blog about paper management, and thought that she did a great job of bringing to light a common misconception about the well-known, … Continue reading Ignore this well-known paper rule