Disposal Resources

I have recently become passionate about locating resources for donating and disposing of unwanted items.  As I come across resources that you may not be aware of, I will write about them from time to time.

Hazardous Waste.  Even when we try to buy only what we need and use what we buy, hazardous waste can accumulate in our homes.  If you have items such as old paint, household cleaners or fluorescent light bulbs, you will need to dispose of them properly.  If you live in Central Contra Costa, then you can drop off hazardous waste at the Contra Costa Hazardous Waste Collection Facility, located at 4797 Imhoff Place in Martinez.  For a complete list of what is considered hazardous, click here.

If you live in the San Ramon area, there is a hazardous waste collection event in San Ramon on Saturday, May 7.  For information call 925-973-2824.

Re-Usable Items.  Contra Costa County’s website also includes a list of resources for donating reusable items.  Wow, what a list it is; everything from appliances to zippers.  Even if you don’t have something you need to donate right away, I suggest you click on the link just to see the ideas.  Let’s say you have a pile of brick left from redoing your patio.  Click on bricks, and it will show you a list of places in the Bay Area that will accept your donation.  Here is the link to the list.

E-Waste:  Do you have a non-usable computer, an old TV or some old speakers you want to get rid of?   Here are some places to drop them off.  Sometimes there is a fee, depending on the type of item you have.  Please remember that if it’s a computer you’re disposing of, you need to eliminate the data first.  There are a few different options, so ask your favorite computer guru for advice.

Bay Area Recycle:  this organization has a pick up service.  Visit bayarearecycle.com for more information.

Rapid Recycle in Pacheco:  rapidrecycle.net.

For a list of other locations, visit:  Contra Costa County.

As a matter of fact, today my computer gave me the message, “failure may be imminent.”  So, I will probably following my own advice soon.

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